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burmese, бурма

In our breeding cattery you cat get a cat of any color you like (sable, chocolate, lilac, blue). We will help you to choose a kitten in accordance to your demands. For exhibitions, breeding or just for a loving pet. The kittens for breeding are sold only with a condition of copulation with European Burmese.

The kittens are sold at the age of no younger than 3 months, absolutely vaccinated and well-bred. Only according to an agreement of sale and purchase! We will help you to bring your kitten up, answer on all the questions that will rise at the process of moving into adulthood. Some problems will be solved before the coming of the kitten to a new home.

What are these problems? You will ask. Answer:

The kittens grow up in harmonic, benevolent atmosphere, among its brotherhood - older and younger. It influences in a great way on the socializing and the future adaptation of the kittens. They grow up friendly, tender, not fearful, that encourage the forming of a golden character of your highbred baby. Of course your kitten will be accustomed to a cat litter box and scratching post. It will be definitely vaccinated.

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burmese, европейская бурма
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